Thinkalize is a platform for open innovation that connects distant innovators through instruments of co-design and helps them to enhance their own ideas. Thinkalize promotes and regulates the relations between industry innovation and the international community of makers. Through precise protocol safeguards, Thinkalize can unite makers and industry in a logic of success "win-to-win" and put them in a network with the lab on a global scale.


Thinkalize allows the lab to open up for small and medium-sized companies. To develop their prototypes, making them available to hackers able to dismantle them and test them.


Thinkalize enables companies to open up with confidence to the world of open manufacturing and then to entrust the R&D outsourcing.


Thinkalize allows makers to network with each other, to make scouting projects open or closed and underwrite new, with the ability to publish the best ones in a showcase.

  • Hat Shirt

    is a wearable shirt when you sleep, when you move, when you work in the normal daily activities and it monitors the biomedical parameters of the wearer. More...

  • Open Trolley

    is a Trolley adaptable to the amount of clothes to wear and is modular so that it takes up little space when replaced. More ...

  • Cyber Punch

    are boxing gloves "smart", through which you can know in real time the power and acceleration of the strike done. More ...

  • Stay@Home

    is a system of home automation open source and open hardware completely scalable. More ...

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