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Thinkalize is an innovative start-up founded in 2016. With the Thinkalize project we enter Speed MI Up, the Italian accelerator of innovative companies promoted by Bocconi University, the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Milan. The Thinkalize brand is registered in the European Union's trademark and patent office and we have also been recognized as one of the best start-ups during Expo 2015. Also in 2015, we launch the beta version of the platform. Following further partnerships, Thinkalize was launched in August 2017 and received the Speed MI Up Startupper certificate in February 2018.

We’re a friendly bunch.

One team, many talents. With a culture of collaboration, a hive of talent, and enthusiasm
for doing, the Thinkalize team is active in the creative community, endlessly interested in
what’s next, and generally pleasant to be around. So don’t be shy, say hi.
Nicoletta, Founder & CEO

Nicoletta is one part idealist and another contrarian. Her goal in life, both through work and play, is to challenge popular belief and push the limits of what’s possible. “I always have a smile on my face and play, is to challenge

Filippo, Legal Manager

Filippo disobeyed his parent’s wishes by entering the judiciary system: He was a rule breaker, then became a rule maker.
“I’m just that committed that I’m thinking of making tacos for dinner”, he proclaims.

Roger, Projects Director

Word has it that Roger was born with a book for a hand (ouch!). “They are the expression of human ability to communicate in a long-lasting way”. He loves to collect books, but don’t let that fool you. Roger is a multitasking

Berto, Office Manager

When he’s not eating ice cream, you’ll find him walking with Pepe or taking pictures. Curious, persevering and methodical… music lover. “Don’t settle for a substitute!”, he states About Thinkalize? “It’s a robot of

Alberto, Web Developer

 Alberto lives in Manchester but dreams in a galaxy far, far away… When not developing code – with meticulous precision – he enjoys playing guitar and singing while working in Thinkalize (poor us!). Open-minded, optimist, minimalist;

Sid, Buisness Developer

Sid is absolutely convinced that the adoption of strategies for the development of sustainable models is essential to survive in a competitive world. Adopting new technologies without a different corporate culture is a partial…

Lea, Creative Director

Don’t go with her to an art gallery! She will take silly selfies all the time. Yes, selfies! Don’t ask her how to draw! She will patronize you all the time. Don’t put her and the marketing director at the same drawing board! They will argue all

Nora, Assistant

Don’t say to Nora “This is not possible to do!”: You will probably face a two-hour long, yet useless, full of words, philosophical discourse, with no reason, with no end, where you will be the loser, he will be the winner and …ok stop it! Do not

Francy, Communications

Lover of eating, drinking, dreaming, hypothetical questions, clouds and, oddly enough, even prototypes. “Also I love to live inside imaginary stories, sometimes confusing them with reality (Oops!)”. That’s her personal tagline. It says a lot.

Benny, Financial Director

“Benny, when we will arrive, we will call you!” – “What? <<When WE ARRIVE>> is the correct form! Oh, little creatures! You cannot distinguish a noun from an adjective, let alone when it comes to verbs. Knowledge is Power!” Obstinate and

Pepe, Mascot

The guys from the Thinkalize team adopted me at the office as soon as I arrived. After setting up two very comfortable kennels in the office, I became the boss of the situation. During the working days, Pepe keeps everything

Leo da Vinci, Scientist

 “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519).
For Thinkalize, Leonardo da Vinci has always been a source of

Our mission.

Thinking the possible and going further.

Try us!

For your projects you have unlimited resources. All with defined budgets and no surprises.
We are your digital outsourcing company.

It's nice to be noticed.

Thanks to everyone who helped us grow. Being supported for our ideas
was an important adventure that we share with great enthusiasm.
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