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We offer an organized intelligence service.


With Thinkalize, jobs requiring skilled staff are handled with maximum efficiency and punctuality thanks to digital sharing. After analyzing the case, our dedicated manager pinpoints and manages the recruitment of the resources by structuring a remote team of experts who collaborate on our digital platform. The teams develop products, systems and services in the Design, Marketing, Web, Product, Management, Finance and Legal fields. Team-as-a-Service is a more efficient way to support the growth of your business: it allows you to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Thinkalize manages the entire process, so you can focus on the core needs of your business.

Count on us.

Our Team as a service method, unlike the traditional outsourcing, it runs the entire process creating and managing a team that can work all together. The advantage is a single professional interlocutor who coordinates the entire structure. Improving cooperation is essential for doing business in today’s world, and Thinkalize exemplifies this ideal. Work with us, your team as a service provider, to assemble the ideal group of people. Thinkalize, conveniently publishes your job description to attract the best local talent while not involving yourself in logistics and hiring management. This process simplifies the acquisition of human resources and enables the project to take-off quickly.

Let us help you.

Thinkalize offers you a direct interaction with your reference manager, drawing you closer to your business in a smart way without depleting your internal resources. The key point of our Team as a service method is to meet different requests in a precise way, undertaking all types of work with professionalism and specialization.

How do we do it?

Once you have submitted the form Thinkalize handles your request, assigns you a trusted specialist manager with whom you will interact for the whole duration of our relationship. He chooses experienced professionals, creates the team and manages the entire process by providing you with scheduled reports without distracting you from your business.

Partners & Friends we’ve met on our journey.

Thinkalize cooperated with several entities such as CNA Lombardia, Regione Lombardia, Fuori Expo, Banca Etica, Politecnico di Milano, Università Bocconi. We have also established partnerships with Maker Faire, IPASVI Healthcare and Innovation, Brugg Rimini’s Amici, Colloquium Dental, IDS – Colonia, Mobile Milano’s Fuori Salone, CNA Palazzo Marino Milano, RENA Bologna, MEME Ferrara, Smau Milano, Internet Festival, Mini Maker Faire Rimini and much more.

What folks say about us.

What really made the difference working with Thinkalize was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered an innovative product exactly on deadline and on budget.

Kevin Moore – Contributor, USA, project role: Physicist.

Thinkalize allowed me to really “thinkalize”. That means: Ideating and conceptualising, using my creative methodology and working in a secure environment, thanks to a precise and clear protocol of regulations, to protect both the designer and the client company. Moreover, I would like to emphasize the immediate economic gain and the effectiveness that Thinkalize has given my professional profile and expertise.
Since then, my reputation has successfully risen, on a global scale.

Giulia Kron Morelli – Contributor, Italy, project role: Designer.

With Thinkalize I was able to shorten the distance with my customers, in every sense; participating in the development of overseas projects, comfortably sat at my desk in Italy. This has only been possible because of the Thinkalize innovative digital platform, of co-working and sharing. The main difference of Thinkalize, compared to other platforms that I have used in the past, is that it works better and seamlessly than anyone else!

Giovanni Tomasini – Contributor, Italy, project role: Product Designer.

We didn’t just need a product, we wanted to develop a new business process. Thinkalize quickly gathered the most qualified team and the result was a big success, I’m extremely thankful for the results and the professionalism of Thinkalize.

E.P. – Business Owner, Italy