A new beginning towards a fairer work.

THINKALIZE: the collaborative innovation platform providing on-demand outsourcing.

Over the last thirty years, the world economy was shaken and turned upside-down by the globalisation phenomenon. Clever marketers had created a cosy word for an overwhelming wave of transfer of work and wealth to the benefit of emerging countries and to the detriment of, as we find out now, many developed countries.
Getting products done in low cost countries is per se not such a bad idea. But giving away the work at a very large scale has proven disastrous to all the economies where manufacturing was intended to be substituted by “intelligent” work and services of all kind. The equation didn’t square out simply because nothing was done, in parallel to the transfer of manufacturing work, to bring the population in the deserted countries up to a formation level, where the intended substitution was realistic. Still, most of the population in the developed world is depending on their bodies, far more than on their brains to earn a living.
This evolution is now catching up with the economies of all these countries and the never-ending crisis queuing one after the other with no realistic hope to an end of this deadly spiral is creating a level of frustration expressed in many ways.
What can be done to stop the bleeding? The straight answer is: a lot! For Nicoletta Grumelli and Roger Reichert, the two animators of the collaborative innovation platform Thinkalize, the only way is innovation!

Thinkalize have generated a collaborative ecosystem that is aimed at solving the problem for workforce and companies, eliminating physical boundaries and creating cooperation amongst the different interlocutors thanks to highly efficient processes and cloud based technologies. This shifts the mindset toward a more open, less restrictive organization structures and collaboration. The sharing economy has drastically changed the way business is conducted throughout the world and this new segment – namely sharing – , is more than just a trend among freelancers.
If the global competition continues to drive large companies to aggressively focus on productivity to get their work done with fewer employees, we need to become a much more entrepreneurial society. The workers will have to rely on new types of work organizations such as digital platforms to develop and express skillsets and exploit market opportunities. It’s also what Wladawsky-Berger calls “Company as a Service” which he uses to describe services you can’t touch.

The Thinkalize mission is to create a platform able to sustain the increased demand for a innovative products and services. We offer seamless delivery of highly-qualified expertise provided through a secure, cloud-based platform that helps companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency thank to an on-demand virtual workforce managed entirely by us.
The workforce of Thinkalize is composed of many different types of contributors from very different horizons, different cultures and covering not only the youngest, but also experienced open-minded seniors ready to share their experience and their knowledge.
The overall approach is also highly innovative, the idea being that everyone ready to work in a cloud based system can earn money for the work they are doing which can arise everywhere.

This new way of cooperating and working allows companies to use a team of contributors tailored to their specific needs, without the hassle of bureaucracy, budgeting and management. The contributors can use the platform to collaborate and turn their skills and knowledge into regular and gratifying income.

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