Cooperating on the cloud, contributors innovate in creative ways.

Our greatest value.

Thinkalize’s greatest value comes from its Contributors, who come from all over the world and bring to the platform their different ideas, expertise, and cultures.
The Contributors are over 1,000 talented professionals that work together on the cloud in innovative ways, thus being able to earn a living while working remotely. They attended top schools and work at leading companies. From project manager to Contributors the talent resources are in the world’s top. It’s a stimulative, highly motivated environment.


A Contributor’s CV.

Contributors are the wingmen of corporate executives and the leaders of digital transformation. Hybrid specialists who combine the qualities and strategy of the company. They are men and women in their prime who have seen it all, and who can make confident decisions. They know the details and see the big picture, and balance well between test and effectiveness. They are the heart and soul of digital projects, a touch of mastery that makes a difference and steers to success.

Becoming a Contributor.

To be selected, you need to join Thinkalize: register your details here, making sure that you complete every part. An algorithm will create your personal rating, which will allow you to join our Team on different levels.
During the years, our Contributors have always been highly satisfied in terms of their income from Thinkalize and with their career success within our company.

How it works.

  • Application.
    After submitting your application on this page, Thinkalize will review it within 15 days and notify you in case you are selected for the interview.
  • Interview.
    A 30 minute interview is usually conducted via Skype.
  • Training & certification.
    If you’re selected, Thinkalize will offer you training on project methodologies, workflows, processes, and team tools that we use. You will also get the respected Thinkalize Contributor Certificate.
  • Get started with projects!

Join Thinkalize.

Join us and work on innovative projects on our collaborative platform for on-demand outsourcing. So, why not be part of our success?