We plan together.


Following the success of the thinkalize team as a service method for the innovative business and healthcare fields, we have decided to bring this long-term success to the dental sector as well. We are involved in innovation projects and products through digital sharing, converting needs into measurable business solutions.

A new kind of business.

We are a digital platform consisting of professionals based on problem-solving models. We have a wide range of experiences and skills, which we interact synergistically to produce planned and measurable solutions in the healthcare industry.

Thinkalize, between ideas and solutions.

Thinkalize organizes, coordinates and manages a team of professionals through its
digital platform. The teams develop products, systems, services in the Design,
Digital Design, Marketing and Healthcare Management areas.

How we work.

We listen to your needs, we process them through surveys and brainstorming and translate them into a work process. Thinkalize’s area of expertise is not limited to consulting but also provides a team of professionals able to best address those aspects necessary to achieve a successful study. Our method is Thinkalize team as a service.

Team as a service method.

A new, faster and more efficient way of working that supports your company’s growth: it allows you to increase your productivity and reduce costs at the same time, without the need to invest in recruitment. Thinkalize manages the entire process, so you can
focus on the core needs of your business. A proven method backed by years of
experience that allows you to have a team of professional and managers to be
used on demand to meet every need related to your office.

Business model.

How do we operate? Once we have pinpointed your need, we take care of it,
we identify the solution and define how to implement it, the objectives and budget
for achieving it. All this will be done through a specialized figure at your disposal
who will support you throughout the process.

You will never leave us.

All your needs have a dedicated professional referent. We manage every aspect,
our method allows you to operate effectively in many areas such as: Marketing,
Digital marketing, Communication, CRM, ROI, Design, Interior Design, Supplier Support, Legal Aspects, Management and much more. We are your ideal partner
to solve any problem related to your office.

Let yourself be guided.

Take a look at how we make things happen.