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LattinaDesign and Thinkalize brand. LattinaDesign is an innovative start-up founded in 2014. In the same year, with the Thinkalize project, we enter Speed MI Up, the Italian accelerator of the most innovative companies, owned by University Bocconi, Chamber of Commerce and Milan’s City Hall. The Thinkalize brand is registered in the European Union. We have been also recognized among the sixty best start-ups, during the Expo 2015 Exhibition Fair. At this point, we launch the beta version of the platform!
Following further market research and new partnerships, the current Thinkalize is launched in August 2017 and receives, in February 2018, the Speed ​​MI Up Startupper Certificate.

We’re a friendly bunch.

One team, many talents. With a culture of collaboration, a hive of talent, and enthusiasm for doing, the Thinkalize team is active in the creative community, endlessly interested in what’s next, and generally pleasant to be around. So don’t be shy, say hi.

  • Nicoletta, Founder & CEO
    Nicoletta Founder & CEO

    Nicoletta is one part idealist and another contrarian.
    Her goal in life, both through work and play, is to challenge popular belief and push the limits of what's possible.
    “I always have a smile on my face and sometimes I like to live and think outside the box... let’s just call it creative chaos”, she says.
    About Thinkalize? She loves the passion of the people who work there. “Thinkalize is my smile!”.
    When she's not thinkalizing she's most likely biking or organizing surprise parties.
    For us, Nicoletta is the enthusiast!

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  • Filippo, Legal Manager
    Filippo Legal Manager

    Filippo disobeyed his parent's wishes by entering the judiciary system: He was a rule breaker, then became a rule maker.
    “I’m just that committed that I’m thinking of making tacos for dinner”, he proclaims.
    Filippo aspired to be the very best magistrate, like no one else ever before. However, he’s probably one of the nicest men you'll ever meet in Thinkalize.
    About Thinkalize? “I recognize its ability to constantly keep up and welcome diversity, just as I do in my life”.
    Filippo for us is the surgical precision that we need. We are a bit scared of him, maybe you’ll be too.

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  • Francesca, Communications
    Francesca Communications

    Lover of eating, drinking, dreaming, hypothetical questions, clouds and, oddly enough, even prototypes. “Also I love to live inside imaginary stories, sometimes confusing them with reality (Oops!)”. That's her personal tagline. It says a lot.
    What about Francesca’s hair? Have a look! It’s great, wild, like that of a fantasy storybook character... we would like to know her secret, but no way.
    Thinkalize is a magic for her: “It turns creative ideas into incredible things!”. Francesca is the one you wish you could share a drink with or end up wanting to send her back to a fantasy book.

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  • Giuseppe, Management Assistant
    Giuseppe Management Assistant

    Don’t say to Giuseppe “you are wrong!”: You will probably face a two-hour long, yet useless, full of words, philosophical discourse, with no reason, with no end, where you will be the loser, he will be the winner and …ok stop it!
    Do not summon him.
    To him, Thinkalize is brilliant and sociable, yet if it was her friend it would be one of those she’d never call “because Thinkalize is all about ideas, so I cannot have a Coke with it!” she confesses.
    Giuseppe fills his evenings and weekends with friends and dog time, movies, cooking (or getting others to cook for her) but yes, we prefer others' food. Last but not least: He is a writer of novels and we are proud of it!

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  • Roger, Projects Director
    Roger Projects Director

    Word has it that Roger was born with a book for a hand (ouch!). “They are the expression of human ability to communicate in a long-lasting way”. He loves to collect books, but don't let that fool you. Roger is a multitasking man, a multicultural experienced manager, a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial attitude.
    He has a passion for everything (photography, art, painting, family at first... yes, the right-man!). If you can't find him, he's probably in a hammock reading some historical books. Shhhhh... don’t disturb him! Ah, yes: “Thinkalize is young and dynamic, but also ethical and fair. It’s like a reliable person”. Did you expect him to be emotional?

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  • Benedetto, Financial Director
    Benedetto Financial Director
    "Benny, when we will arrive, we will call you!" - "What? <<When WE ARRIVE>> is the correct form! Oh, little creatures! You cannot distinguish a noun from an adjective, let alone when it comes to verbs. Knowledge is Power!" Obstinate and kind (apart from when it comes to grammar), his best feature is his logical ability. With a rooted passion for “the fork!” – he is a food lover, a gourmand one – for Benedetto Thinkalize is “a great idea to believe in. I always see smiling smiles there and I particularly admire the dialogue and sharing between different mindsets, backgrounds and cultures.” (Dialogue? Exactly! Pay attention to the grammar police, guys.)
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  • Joshua, Mascot
    Joshua Mascot

    Guys of the Thinkalize team saved me from the water bowl I lived in, then Stefania wrote a book about me. Crazy! Here is a part. Send me an email if you want the rest (joshua@thinkalize.com).
    "Josh! I will end up not understanding, but on the other hand I warned you: here nothing is easy." I took Josh that day, and pulled him out of the water bowl. "Josh, go for a ride! Today nothing works". He gasped for a while, I made him a paper boat, I pushed him out with a puff of air...
    "Why are you looking at me?" I asked Josh, feeling a little stupid, while he was staring at me, gasping from the little boat. With my extreme surprise, I heard him reply "Put me back in the water, it doesn’t look too good, out there".

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  • Leonardo da Vinci, Scientist
    Leonardo da Vinci Scientist

     "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519).
    For Thinkalize, Leonardo da Vinci has always been a source of inspiration. His genius revealed a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of their time.
    We respect his infinite curiosity, feverish imagination and sublime artistic ability. We respect a lifetime spent studying art, science, optics, and every other possible field that he could apply his curiosity to. We respect his influence upon history; after so many centuries of history, one thing's for sure: he was a one of a kind.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired, Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • Alberto R, Graphic Design
    Alberto R Graphic Design
    When he's not eating ice cream, you'll find him walking with Pepe or taking pictures. Curious, persevering and methodical... music lover. “Don't settle for a substitute!”, he states About Thinkalize? “It is a robot of futuristic-intelligence! Thinkalize for me is... WOW!”. Pizza connoisseur, beer drinker, walking lover, : For us, Albertone is the one who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.  
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  • Carmelo, General Manager
    Carmelo General Manager
    While some peole are natural humorists, being funny is a set of skills that Francesco can't learn (despite his attempts). We laugh at his jokes only because he is the Boss! Carmelo manages everything. Resolute and determined, he manages his life through goals “even if I could be too much of a schematic person, at times”. However, “I have to go running, yes, but I'll start tomorrow! I have to go on a diet, yes, but I’ll start tomorrow!”, he plans. About Thinkalize? “Thinkalize creates and realizes new opportunities: It is the heart that beats, it’s my energy”. Ok, ok, Carmelo... listen, you’re a tough guy but please stop bossing us around.
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  • Lea, Creative Director
    Lea Creative Director
    Don’t go with her to an art gallery! She will take silly selfies all the time. Yes, selfies! Don’t ask her how to draw! She will patronize you all the time. Don’t put her and the marketing director at the same drawing board! They will argue all the time. Besides being a movie nerd, Lea is recognized as a design freak, music snob and generally creative individual who finds inspiration through the streets of the world. “Designing for the sake of looking good is plastic and fake. Put your heart and soul into everything” (still patronizing us!). Ah, one last thing! If you visit a shop with Lea don't be embarrassed if she touches everything: She loves to feel, to put textures into his design ideas (weird, isn’t it?).
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  • Alberto F, Web Developer
    Alberto F Web Developer
    Alberto lives in Manchester but dreams in a galaxy far, far away... When not developing code - with meticulous precision - he enjoys playing guitar and singing while working in Thinkalize (poor us!). Open-minded, optimist, minimalist; a producer, a composer, a lover of gigs and live music. The nerd at the cool table. He loves his Bluetooth speaker so much that he has installed an alarm on it... just in case! To Alberto, Thinkalize is a magic box: A hub for creative minds where everything becomes possible. You rock, Alberto!
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Our mission.

We want to help businesses empower their growth by providing them a network of talented professionals available on-demand. We allow business owners to focus on the most important parts of their company, without having to hire and manage new staff.
We also give to our Contributors the opportunity to earn from their craft by working remotely on exciting projects, while collaborating with talented colleagues in a virtual office space on the cloud.

Join Thinkalize.

Having been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Italy, Thinkalize now aims to target the international, global market. Its digital platform and marketing activity has already gathered many Contributors. The community will be further expanded, with many more projects and exciting opportunities created by innovative companies.
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