Thinkalize, On-Demand Outsourcing.

Great thinking.

We work reducing the costs of traditional innovation practices. How do we do it?
With the thinkalize team as a service method. Select the right Contributors, whose expertise will suit your specific project needs. A dedicated Project Manager will then be assigned to you and will oversee the project.

Our innovation

Thinkalize have generated a collaborative ecosystem eliminating physical boundaries and creating cooperation amongst the different interlocutors thanks to highly efficient processes and cloud based technologies. You can entrust us with the entire work process or customize the practice to suit your needs and budget.

  • 1.

    You submit your project or idea.

  • 2.

    After you contact us we call you to discuss every detail.

  • 3.

    We research your case and come back to you with 3 different solutions.

  • 4.

    We start the realization with a dedicated project manager.

  • 5.

    No need to hire employees or manage people. We take care of all of it.

We love our work.

Nowadays, we are witnessing an exponential increase in speed of delivery, speed of change, and overall complexity of digital projects. Traditional team structures and project methodologies almost inevitably lead to chaos, overtime, over-budget, and an overall hysterical atmosphere.

Thinkalize brings forth super-flexible, ultra-efficient teams led by top gun masterminds and assisted by an advanced platform which altogether reduces cost by up to 80%, increases quality, and provides a calmer, sustainable way to deliver digital projects.

Thinkalize TaaS In-house Staff Outsourcing
Setup time 1 week 2-3 months 1-2 months
Scalable ***** * ***
Save up to 80% 10%
Project Management Included Extra Cost + Time Extra Cost + Time
On-demand Yes No No

Why choose the innovation
of Thinkalize.

Streamlined process, an advanced platform and an available talent pool enable ultra-fast adjustment to every client and project.
We like to create a stimulative yet relaxed atmosphere around every project.
Initiate, pause and change but pay only for work which has been performed. Save up to 80% compared to typical employment.
100% transparent: communication, contracts, issues and logs are all 100% transparent.
NO lock-in: you can cancel the service at any time. Transferring your project to another vendor is also easy.

Up for coffee next week?

Are you at the other end of the world? No worries, we’ll get there.
Submit your project here and let’s discuss it together.