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Thinkalize, Product Practice in Online Outsourcing.

Great thinking.

Research, Investigation, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing and Implementation. Thinkalize devises project proposals, implements them into models and validates prototypes for production in the company. We develop innovative products, significantly reducing the costs of traditional innovation practices.
How do we do it? Once you submit your brief, via the contact form, Thinkalize will look at your proposal and define the objectives and budget for the whole production practice.
How long? In 48 hours, once the project and budget is approved, we are ready to begin the work process with our client company. We will select the right Thinkers and Realizers, whose expertise will suit your specific project needs. A dedicated Project Manager will then be assigned to you and will oversee the entire project.


What production practice steps do we outsource? You can entrust us with the entire work process or customize the production practice to suit your needs and budget. You can use it completely or in part, depending on your strategy.
Our Design Product Practice: At the beginning of the project, Thinkalize explores and analyses your market to understand the dynamics and changes in terms of innovation, and to identify emergent spaces for future innovation.
We also conduct, where necessary, research on product users, to analyse the user experience, interaction and product perception.
Following the research phase, the Thinkers define the product practice opportunities and convert innovative insights into project proposals.
The Realizers then confirm the feasibility of the design and plan, developing models with technical tables and testing prototypes. Our production solutions then put your vision into full effect, enabling the launch of your product, followed by post-launch controls.

  • 1.

    Understanding the category and its users.

  • 2.

    Observe whether problems exist and what is necessary for the success of the product.

  • 3.

    Generate a range of creative ideas. Develop new innovative concepts. We brainstorm to find the big idea!

  • 4.

    Build real, tactile representations for a range of your ideas.

  • 5.

    Return to your users for feedback and product validation.

  • 6.

    Put the vision into effect. Industrialization, product launch and post launch controls.

We love our work.

Thinkalize was approached by a leading Furniture Manufacturer based in Turkey, to work alongside its community of product designers and engineers. The final outcome was the creation of a house ecosystem design, able to enrich people’s lives in a more flexible, beautiful and efficient way.

See full case study here.

Partners & Friends we’ve met on our journey.

Thinkalize has collaborated with a diverse range of partners including Lombardy CNA, Lombardy Region, Fuori Expo, Etica Bank, Polytechnic of Milan and Bocconi University.
We have also activated partnerships with Maker Faire, IPASVI Healthcare and Innovation, Fuori Salone del Mobile, CNA Milan and Palazzo Marino, RENA Bologna, MEme Ferrara, Smau Milan, Internet Festival, Mini Maker Faire Rimini.

What folks say about us.

What really made the difference working with Thinkalize was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered an innovative product exactly on deadline and on budget.

Kevin Moore – Realizer, USA, project role: Physicist.

Thinkalize allowed me to really “thinkalize”. That means: Ideating and conceptualising, using my creative methodology and working in a secure environment, thanks to a precise and clear protocol of regulations, to protect both the designer and the client company. Moreover, I would like to emphasize the immediate economic gain and the effectiveness that Thinkalize has given my professional profile and expertise.
Since then, my reputation has successfully risen, on a global scale.

Giulia Kron Morelli – Thinker, Italy, project role: Designer.

With Thinkalize I was able to shorten the distance with my customers, in every sense; participating in the development of overseas projects, comfortably sat at my desk in Italy. This has only been possible because of the Thinkalize innovative digital platform, of co-working and sharing. The main difference of Thinkalize, compared to other platforms that I have used in the past, is that it works better and seamlessly than anyone else!

Giovanni Tomasini – Realizer, Italy, project role: Product Designer.