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The world of tomorrow will be made of solutions thought today. There is still plenty of space for real innovations, meaning: honest sustainable solutions fulfilling real needs at the price requested by the market. Pulling heads from all over the world together to achieve these innovations helps humanity to enter into a truly collaborative phase.


Thinkalize is the digital workspace for innovation. It is a source of revenue for professionals who want to work on innovative projects and it is the most powerful supplier of a constant stream of contributions for enterprises eager to innovate. Thinkalize aim to replicate in the digital world the innovation process traditionally realized with analogical methods. A global community can cooperate on challenging projects and contribute to create the world of tomorrow.


Respect of each other, sense of collaboration, aiming for sustainability, constantly conducting our business in an ethical way, no-bullshit!


1. Law and regulations
Thinkalize agreements will be governed and constructed in accordance with the Law and Regulations of the Italian Republic.
2. Honesty
Thinkalize pretends that employees and collaborators ought not to pursue personal interests and those corporate ones, at the expense of compliance with applicable laws and ethical principles set out in this document. In particular – agrees not to allow behaviours able to bring illicit benefits to clients or suppliers, enterprises and public entities.
3. Impartiality
Thinkalize guarantees equal opportunities for all the collaborators and prohibits any form of discrimination based on race, sexual, religious, sexual orientation, age, union membership, political and for any other potentially discriminatory reason as at the moment of assumption, as at any stage of work progress.
4. Health and Security
Thinkalize is committed to establish work conditions providing physical and psychologic integrity protection, health of its employees and respect of their moral personality; it is also obliged to ensure that activities carried out on its behalf are to be based on risk prevention, health protection and safety of employees and other collaborators.
5. Human resources
Thinkalize considers human resources as a value to be protected and promoted as an instrument to reach acquaintances, manage effectively the variations and acquire new ideas, to improve the productivity and the quality, mature individual and integral growth of the enterprise. An associate is an original nucleus of any form of mutuality and represents the principal concrete reference of cooperative action.
6. Confidentiality
Thinkalize guarantees the confidentiality of the information related to the employees, providers, supplies and clients in conformity to the legal regulations and current contract agreements. In terms of respective functions every employee and collaborator, is obliged to protect the generated and acquired information and to avoid their improper and unauthorized use.
7. Environmental protection
During its performance Thinkalize is obliged to respect and provide the observation of the current regulations in terms of environmental protection and to fulfil duly all the expected obligations. In this contest the company promote the rational use of the resources paying attention to the prevention of every form of environmental pollution.
8. Quality
Thinkalize is committed to realize the products and services at the best level of quality.
9. Transparency
Thinkalize recognizes the fundamental value of the correct, complete and timely information, and guarantees it to all interested parties in respect to its proper objectives, activity and results, in complete and exhaustive manner throughout the most adeguate instruments possible.
10. Autonomy and pluralism
Thinkalize considers the pluralism as a value in regard of establishment of its relations with other organizations, political and social institutes respecting their nature, opinions and cultural heritage according to its proper originality, autonomy and proposition capacity.