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What is Thinkalize.

Thinkalize composes innovation projects through digital sharing.

Thinkalize, between ideas and projects.

Thinkalize organizes teams of professionals on a digital platform,
to develop innovative products, systems, services and experiences in the areas of
Design, Digital Design, Industrial Design and Product Design.

Thinking new business.

Thinkalize is a special community, based on creative problem-solving models.
Thinkers and Realizers have a broad range of skills that work together in a synergic way.
Thinkers work out creative product concepts by way of investigation, brainstorming and ideation; Realizers are specialist in implementation and prototyping.
Thinkalize’s greatest expertise lies in the collaboration of high-level mixed workgroups. Blending creative and executive practices, Thinkalize allows you to move strategically within your market, and be a pioneer of innovation.

Our business model.

How do we do it? Once you submit your brief, via the contact form, Thinkalize will look at your proposal and define the objectives and budget for the whole production practice.
How long will it take? We will get back to you within 48 hours. Once the project and budget have been approved, we will select the right Thinkers and Realizers, whose expertise will suit your specific project needs. A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you and will oversee the entire project.
You can customize the production practice to suit your needs and budget, either use it completely or in part
(research – investigation – ideation – prototyping – testing – implementation).

Let us help you.

Have a project or an idea you’d like to collaborate with us on?
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