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LattinaDesign è una start-up innovativa costituita nel 2014, in forma giuridica di Srl (unipersonale). Nello stesso anno il progetto Thinkalize vince il bando per entrare nell’acceleratore di impresa Speed MI Up dell’università Bocconi e registra il marchio nell’Unione Europea nel (?). Lanciamo la versione beta nel 2015. Il modello di business ispirato all’open innovation avvicina la piattaforma, nel 2016, alla community di professionisti del maker.

In seguito a ulteriori indagini di mercato e nuove partnership di collaborazione, l’attuale Thinkalize è avviata ad agosto 2017 ed è riconosciuta tra le sessanta migliori start up della regione Lombardia. A febbraio 2018 abbiamo ricevuto lo Speed MI Up Startupper Certificate.

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  • Nicoletta, Founder & CEO
    Nicoletta Founder & CEO
    “I am creative, positive, resourceful and full of life. I always have a smile on my face and sometimes I like to live and think outside the box... let’s just call it creative chaos! A little long-winded, but only sometimes”: Maybe this is one of those days! What does she love? Her favourite object is her contact lens. Transparent and soft, they help her to focus and look deeper into the broader things in life. About Thinkalize? For Nicoletta, time spent on Thinkalize is a great opportunity to live an extraordinary life. She loves the passion of the people who work there. Thinkalize is her smile. In Thinkalize, she sees a new way of thinking, planning and producing: It's the future! Thinkalize means participating and sharing with people. At the same time, it is an explosion of energy and a stress release: “Thinkalize can take many forms, but will never lose its originality”.
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  • Stefania, Marketing Director
    Stefania Marketing Director
    Curious, persevering and methodical. She likes surprises but only when they are expected: Only in that case she will set up her time to enjoy them. She is a lover of philosophy, yoga and painting. A woman of style and substance, whose unique character is strong yet humble to the people she knows. She is never separated from her trusted companion… sunglasses, worn upon her head, black and large, modern or “maybe vintage”. Stefania explores and inverts meanings. In the design process, she looks into the world with wide-open eyes, studying and making connections through a scientific and rational approach. About Thinkalize? It is a robot of futuristic-intelligence! Above all, Thinkalize is similar to her relentless search for innovation. Thinkalize for her is “Wow!... Even if Wow is not an adjective”. Should we forgive her, because we asked her to name an object? Thinkalize has “red hair and is friendly and creative, it represents change and progress”.
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  • Filippo, Legal Manager
    Filippo Legal Manager
    Filippo is attractive, intuitive, rational and stubborn… “Anyway, I swear that I am a nice man!”. He is dedicated to politics and journalism. His favourite object is the PC. In his own words, he describes it as: “184 cm tall, slender, with brown hair and brown eyes (Boh!)”. About Thinkalize? He recognizes its ability to constantly keep up and welcome diversity, just as he does in his work. “Thinkalize develops approaches for the future, starting from the sharing of ideas”. “Thinkalize is innovative, young and supportive, with pure enthusiasm”. He imagines it as a red PC (“who knows: maybe with blue eyes?!”) and a generator of new beginnings.
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  • Fabio, General Manager
    Fabio General Manager
    Fabio manages everything! Resolute and determined: He manages his life throughout goals “even if I could be too much of a schematic person, at times”. However, in his spare time, he stops thinking about work and likes to relax and enjoy his hobbies (do we really believe him about that?). The most used object belonging to him is the mobile phone, “unfortunately, it’s a complicated relationship!”. His firmness and vision are always focused forward. For him, Thinkalize creates and realises new opportunities: “It is the heart that beats, a fiery red one!”. Thinkalize for Fabio represents a solid foundation to operate in the future: “It’s my energy”. Thanks to Thinkalize, he has been involved in a diverse range of innovative business projects and worldwide collaborations.
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  • Francesca, Communications
    Francesca Communications
    Francesca likes clouds and, oddly enough, even prototypes. Reflective and patient, immersed and dreamy. She adores eating and drinking, and organising trips to eat and drink. She lives inside imaginary stories, sometimes confusing them with reality (Oops!). Her old and heavy PC is the object for which she has most respect for: when it gets tired, she stops all her activities with it! However, the object to which she feels more attached to, is her shoulder bag: Inside it, she places parts of her life. Thinkalize represents a magic for her: It turns creative ideas into incredible things! “Thinkalize is brave”, like a glowing, bold sunflower. She identifies herself with Thinkalize through the attitude of creating human and cultural relationships. Thinkalize is her challenge.
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  • Suki, Creative Director
    Suki Creative Director
    Suki describes himself as wild and quirky, imaginative and humorous: a daring individual! He can regularly be seen armed with a digital camera riding a Hero Honda scooter, in the streets of India or walking the suburbs of London, feeding his visual love for street art. Other passions include drawing and painting. He can be really expressive with a drawing pen. He loves the sound of pen upon paper: “It’s like skiing on paper”. The thing he loves most is his pair of Converse boots: He talks, laughs and even sleeps in them (“on the train, that is!”). For Suki, design thinking is essential for any creative and productive process, however, there should always be a reason for what you do. “Designing for the sake of looking good is plastic and fake. Put your heart and soul into everything: think, question, reason and create”. Thinkalize for him is a trusted friend, one that always backs you up. Thanks to Thinkalize, Suki has met new professionals from different backgrounds and cultures, giving him a fresh way of looking at the world of design and collaboration.
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  • Ele, Management Assistant
    Ele Management Assistant
    Eleonora is a storyteller and likes to write novels and spend her time in the company of her animals: solar, shy and unselfish, Eleonora will always be there for you. She cares for herself very much and has a great sense of direction, which is why she is particularly fond of her nose. Paper and pen are her darling things: “The paper is white, smooth and fragrant, and the pen releases dreams. They inspire serenity”. To her, Thinkalize is witty and sociable, yet if it was her friend it would be one of those she’d never call “because Thinkalize is all about ideas and so I cannot have a Coke with it!” she confesses. Irony and share of inventiveness are the aspects that she likes most about Thinkalize. Thinkalize is the same as Eleonora: Both are brilliant, playful and amusing.
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  • Roger, Projects Director
    Roger Projects Director
    Roger would never give up his book collection; “They are the expression of human ability to communicate in a long-lasting way”. In addition to reading, his passions lie in art, painting, photography and first of all his family. His most used object is the PC (he has always been a highly technological person). Roger strongly believes in the design thinking process, as it is the foundation of the whole creative methods. His Thinkalize is “young and dynamic, but also ethical and fair. It’s like a reliable person”. If Thinkalize were an object, to Roger, it would be a sheet of paper, filled with drawings, notes and ideas. His Thinkalize is a space of sharing and a place where to put into action his creative and professional approach. Thinkalize pushes him, again and again, to question new ideas and innovative models.
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  • Alberto, Web Developer
    Alberto Web Developer
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  • Germano, Financial Director
    Germano Financial Director
    Obstinate and kind, his best feature is his logical ability. The most used object he owns is “the fork!”. To Gerry, Thinkalize is about being able to improve our lives, on a functional and aesthetic level. Thinkalize is “a great idea to believe in”, and Gerry imagines it as “an ergonomic red armchair, one of those that welcome and adapt to people and create functional experiences”. In Thinkalize, he particularly admires the dialogue and sharing between different mindsets, backgrounds and cultures. He mainly observes its attitude towards creativity. In Thinkalize, besides being a driven leader, Gerry is a curious observer: “I always see smiling smileys everywhere”.
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  • Joshua, Mascot
    Joshua Mascot
    A deep thinker, Joshua swims with the flow. He is a curious little creature, fast and tenacious, clever and courageous. Don't let his small size fool you! In his spare time, he likes to learn and study. He knows 10 languages including, Bubble, Oceana, English and Japanese. He's very International, you know! “Bblobbblobbbloblo!”. (That means “nice to meet you” in the fish talk). You can normally see him philosophising by the sea, with a glass of water in one fin and reading a book by Freud in another. Joshua adapts well to the great outdoors, never losing sight of the established goal of his human colleagues. His greatest passion is bubbles: they always inspire him with new ideas. This is why he loves to dive into the unexplored depths and go where no fish has boldly gone before. Thinkalize is his ocean of discovery.
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  • Leonardo da Vinci, Scientist
    Leonardo da Vinci Scientist
    “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519). For Thinkalize Leonardo da Vinci has always been a source of inspiration. His genius revealed a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of their time. We respect his infinite curiosity, feverish imagination and sublime artistic ability.
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Our mission.

In origine Thinkalize si è rivolta ai designer e alle aziende di prodotti d’innovazione, oggi la community è estesa a tutti i professionisti del design thinking. La nostra mission è creare un sistema dÕinnovazione meritocratico, internazionale e con forte valenza sociale. La piattaforma valuta i potenziali Thinker e Realizer per merito professionale, rende l’innovazione fruibile senza ostacoli logistici e stimola il mercato del lavoro condividendo idee creative. Il design e l’industria sono testimoni dei cambiamenti culturali, sociopolitici e strutturali: Thinkalize ne è portavoce informata

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In origine Thinkalize si è rivolta ai designer e alle aziende di prodotti d’innovazione, oggi la community è estesa a tutti i professionisti del design thinking. La nostra mission è creare un sistema dÕinnovazione meritocratico, internazionale e con forte valenza sociale. La piattaforma valuta i potenziali Thinker e Realizer per merito professionale, rende l’innovazione fruibile senza ostacoli logistici e stimola il mercato del lavoro condividendo idee creative. Il design e l’industria sono testimoni dei cambiamenti culturali, sociopolitici e strutturali: Thinkalize ne è portavoce informata

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