We work with digital platforms.

Great solutions.

Outsourcing offers multiple opportunities but
requires a large investment of time and human resources.

Let's get into
the practical aspects.

Normally in a generic digital platform the development
of a project requires some steps:
From paperwork to digital.
Leo, wants to develop a project. So he thinks about
consulting some professionals in his area but,
all he gets are high quotations and similar proposals.
Tired of wasting time, Leo decides to turn to Thinkalize.
Simple as happiness.
Thrilled, Leo writes to Thinkalize and in 24 hours his request
is managed by Berto who starts working for him.
A single price, multiple proposals.
Berto, examines Leo's request, and searches
for suitable professionals to carry out the project.

Here's what you need to know to understand our job:

According to the project to be developed there are different opportunities; but which one is the best? Leo should start a search to find the right platform for him.

Leo must create a profile, enter his personal and payment details such as, credit card, billing method and all the requests necessary to continue with the job.

Leo, must share his project idea. Describe his needs, objectives, what he would like to achieve, add technical references and much more.

Compile a brief. Leo must enrich his document with specific instructions that are useful for carrying out the project and identifying specific resources.

Launch. Immediately after the start, the project will be visible to thousands of members who will offer dozens of fantastic proposals and Leo will have to check all of them and interact with each professional by releasing comments and feedback.

Interact with international professionals. Leo will have to answer questions from professionals in order to receive projects coherent with his requests.

Choose between the projects received. Leo will have to pick out amongst the proposals received, evaluate the projects on the basis of their originality, feasibility, correspondence to his needs and so on.

Select the most suitable. After viewing all the proposals, Leo will have to choose the best one and start working with one or more professionals to transform the project into reality.

Why choose us.

Leo won't have to worry about anything.
Leo saves loads of time.
Leo receives the finished project.
Leo has a single contact person.
Leo has a defined budget, no surprises and a certified deadline!

Ready for a virtual coffee next week?

Are you on the other side of the world? Don’t worry, we’ll get there.
Send your request here and we’ll discuss it together.

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